My Sexy Teen Co-worker

About 6 years ago I was working as an assistant manager at a retail store, my boss had just hired a new staff member. She was 18 cute and very talkative, she made the perfect sales person.I ate the time was about 26. For about a month we worked a lot together, I remember one day I was doing stock in the tiny storeroom we had she came in she wasn't rostered on and from what she was wearing pretty much told me that. She wore short cream shorts and the top of her red underwear was showing and had a white singlet top that really left nothing to the Imagination. The whole time I was distracted trying to focus was a chore.

We talked after work ect and started talking more and more the flirting and sexual conversations escalated, then one day we had a staff meeting and after it finished I asked her if she wanted a lift home. In the car we talked then I kissed her, she then said it was weird (not the response I was expecting) then took her home.

The next day she messaged me and apologised, the next shift with her we just closed up she then kissed me and I kissed her back, it progressed behind the counter and when we were afraid people would see we went behind a rack and pretty much went to town on each other. I laid her on her back and eventually my hand went under her skirt and rubbed the outside of her underwear, she moaned a lot and her hands were all over me she moved her legs apart and I pulled her underwear aside so my fingers could rub that nice warm ****. She put her hand on my cheek and I could smell that familiar scent of a women's juices, I sucked on her fingers and the taste was amazing ( I think throughout the shift she *********** in the store room).

My fingers were hard at work and I slid 1 of them inside her, she was so wet and tight it was unbelievable she let out a hard strong moan and with her other hand motioned me to push it in and out! It got to the point where she was moving her hips and looking at me she kissed me more pulled away and said she was about to ***, she was getting pretty loud and as she was about to I put my hand over her mouth, she lifted her hips and came all over my finger and bit my hand!! I had never encountered an ****** like that before she had me hooked after that.
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So are you still seeing this sweet honey or is that all in the past man.

Not anymore it was a few years ago now, seriously good times though, I'd see her before I started work then during work and after work we would have sex. Real sexy dirty girl I loved it. All I did for 4 months was work,sex and eat lol

Now those are the memories man.Shagging that dirty girl. You should have kept her as a friend with benefits over the years man. Even if it was a few years ago. Go hunt down that Sexy dirty girl and make new memories

Haha I did but she was a tad psychotic I decided to end it, the cons out weighed the pros. It was the sneaking into her bedroom that I loved and her hips were amazing, I found much better memories :p

Post the new memories. But still the crazy ones are the really wild ones in bed. Still good to have a friend with benefits even if she is plum crazy

True, I've found that I don't have to go looking for them , they generally come to me, the love clean shaven, humorous and authorative type, you can't at all act like a pervert they don't like it unless they are ones themselves, generally they're not I've managed to find the odd ones out.

Good all on that one man. Some times you find the odd duck and she could be a wild one.

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