My Bank Account Has Recently Been Defrauded

I think that it would be very hard for anyone to believe in my story, it is so incredible.  But why would I invent such a story and give so much details about it?


Now, why do I say that I am pretty certain who has been defrauding my account?


There is no other explanation, because I have never lost my card or given it to anyone.  Furthermore, I have never given my bank’s information to anyone or on the Internet.  So, there is no one who could possibly have such information.


There are only two people to whom I have given my account number and Sort Code to.  They have tricked me into given them this information, promising me that they wish to transfer £5,570 to my account.


First of all, I have known Judith Nicholls for about two years now, I met her on some pen pals website.  I don’t remember the name of the site now and I don’t remember if I wrote to her first or she wrote to me first.


But after only a short time, we had become great friends, or so I thought.  We talked about our problems to each other as good friends would.


She told me at that time that she was 24 years old and married.  That she worked as an Assistant Manager at a horse farm, called Whispers Manor in or near Ipswich.   Hence her email address is:


Although we have been friends for two years, she never gave me her postal address or her telephone number.  I have only her email address.


She was having problems with her husband, who used to beat her up, so she told me.  So, about a year ago, she told me that she got romantically involved with a Lord Thomas Cartwright, apparently a Millionaire, who also worked at the same horse farm.


She soon left her husband and moved in with him.  So, she told me.


Then, one day, when she was ill in hospital, or so she told me, she asked me if she could give my email address to her boyfriend, Lord Cartwright, so that when she cannot write to me, he could email me and tell me what is going on.


Indeed, after I accepted for her to give him my email address, he was writing to me several times every day, telling me what was happening with her at the hospital.


All this seem very friendly and no suspicious of anything so far.  But you have to understand what happened later, to see that I have no doubt that it is Tom Cartwright and Judith Nicholls who have done that to my account, as impostors.  I think that they have been impersonating Lord Cartwright who may indeed exist and is indeed a Millionaire, to gain my confidence and trust so that they can eventually get my bank account details from me.


What happened later, is that she told me that she had named a horse after me, Chorley as my surname, in honour of our friendship.  She sent me pictures of that horse and weekly reports of how the horse was doing at another farm it had been sent to.


So, I had no reason not to believe her.


They also sent me pictures of Lord Thomas Cartwright’s house, a big and very beautiful place, with a swimming Pool.


Now I realize that these pictures were pictures of the hotel, the Dunston Hall Hotel, in Norwich, to make believe that he was a millionaire and had such a beautiful house.  I have just seen the picture of that hotel on the Internet, and I have no doubt that the pictures they sent me were the pictures of the hotel.


About three weeks ago, Thomas Cartwright telephoned me at home, to tell me that the horse was doing great and had been earning money; he said that I am the owner of the horse, if only in name, I am entitled to its winnings.  He asked me for my account number and sort code.  I did not give it to him on the telephone; I said that I would send it to him later by email.


Later, on the same day, I sent him by email my account number and sort code.


A few days later, he emailed me, saying that Barclays Bank is being a nightmare, to use his own words about this transfer.  He asked me to confirm my account number and sort code again.  Which I did.


The next day, I received three telephone calls from three people, not Tom Cartwright or Judith Nicholls, but another two men and another woman, I would have recognized their voices if it was them.  They asked me for my card number, saying that they were from Barclays Bank and it was because Lord Cartwright wanted to transfer some money to my account.


Please Note:  I refused to give it to them, saying that they did not need that number to transfer money to my account.


I think that these people are working in a grand scale and in a gang, because three other people telephoned me about this supposed transfer of money to my account.


A few days later, Tom Cartwright emailed me to tell me that he has now transferred the money to my account.


But of course, no money went into my account.


So, on the 10th of May, I received a letter from Barclays fraud department, advising me that there has been fraud on my account.  I had no idea that my account had been tampered with, until I received the letter from the fraud department.


Now, from the letter I received from the fraud department, only the first item they got away with and which has been debited to my account, an amount of £200.50, transaction dated the 8th of May, 2007.


The other four items, again dated the 8th of May, was apparently declined, and which has not been debited to my account.  These amounts are:










All dated the 8th of May 2007.


So at that point, the bank suspected fraud and did not allow these transactions to go through.


It is very strange why after that, the bank allowed transactions to my account, although they had suspected fraud already. These amounts are:


£200.50 dated 10th May 2007


£620.98 dated 15th of May


£388.75 dated 15th of May


You must understand that I have no knowledge of none of these transactions, not even those who have been denied.


And I do not accept responsibility for any of them.


As I have said, the amount taken from my account plus the denied ones, add to a substantial amount.  And furthermore, I know that they want to continue doing it, so the Police must be involved immediately and a trap set to catch them.


But the Police do not want to get involved; they say that they cannot accept anything from me; they say that the procedure in a case of fraud, is that the bank’s fraud department must investigate and report the fraud to the Police themselves.


But the bank’s fraud department is refusing to go to the police; they tell me, is that if I want the police to be involved, I must contact the Police myself.  Of course, they are lying.


I know that these people want to try again to get into my account, because I have just received an email from them TODAY, the 17th of June 2007, asking me again for my full card details and security number at the back of the Card.


Now, I think everyone knows that if someone wants genuinely to transfer money to your account, they would not need your card number and security number; all they would need is your account number and sort code.


So, there can be no doubt that these people want to try and get money from my account again.


But as I said, sadly, neither the Bank or the Police want to know.


Any suggestion, of how I could trap these people and get them caught?

My Email adress is:



France Chorley

Gabrielfc Gabrielfc
66-70, M
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Hey, I am sure that this issue was resolved, but your best bet is to get a new bank account and stop talking to those people. I know that you really want friends, but some people are not worth your time. Although technology has enabled us to communicate with people from nearly every country in the world, all the criminals in the world also can use the internet to their advantage. Stay safe!

I believe you, this has happen to me also....