Royal Bank of Scotland Fraud

I am from the U.K. click on to my DVD story video clips on YOUTUBE as a warning to all Americans do not have any dealings with this Bank


Sparkies warning to all Americans.......beware of dealing with this Bank, don't be misled just beacause it is nearly fully owned by the British people....we were forced into 70% ownership .........if it will cheat us us it will cheat anyone


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2 Responses Sep 14, 2009

Do the American people realise that the RBS having ownership of The Peoples Bank ....and have shares in other American Banks that...... besides receiving all the tax payers money from the British Government they also received some of the money the American Government gave the Banks....think about all this my American friends.........Your hard earned cash to help " save" this something about it........ do not have anything to do with any product linked to the RBS....the Peoples Bank customers ...move your accounts.sparkie

Just watched 1st clip from your Dvd, unbelievable how do I go about getting a copy. the Royal Bank Of Scotland are doing this under our noses. thank matie pk