I Only Remember This Happening Once

Gram's usual procedure to give me the belt involved her taking my pants and underwear down herself and putting me over her knee for a warm up spanking by hand. Then I would be told to go to my closet and bring back the belt. In September of 1963 I did something that had her so vexed with me that she skipped the act of stripping me down herself and went straight to the main event. I was told at lunch time that my bare bum had a date with the belt as soon as I got home from school. In her words: "Come straight home from school. Go to your room and get your pants and underwear off. Bring the belt to the living room and I want your bum over the arm of the chair. Do you understand me?"
This wasn't the first time that I'd gone through an entire afternoon with the knowledge that I was going to get it right after school. As usual, time flew by at a snail's pace. It seemed to take forever for the bell to ring and the afternoon announcements to be made. Then I was off home as quick as I could. I definitely did not want it to look as though I was delaying the inevitable. At home, I went to my room and ******** myself from the waist down. I took the belt from the closet -- just touching it sent a warm tingle over my bare bum -- and walked down the hall, through the kitchen and into the living room. Gram was in the kitchen as I passed through. She saw me but said nothing. I laid the belt on the coffee table, knelt on the couch and laid over the arm with my hands resting on the end table where the phone was. Gram followed about 30 seconds behind me and didn't even bother with the usual scolding that went with getting my bum warmed. She picked up the belt, folded it over and began the strapping right away. Each whack took about 1 or 2 seconds and lasted for almost a minute.
When she was finished, I was instructed to return the belt to the closet and stand in the corner by my closet door. This was the only part of this punishment that did not change. There were other similar situations, but when I saw the title of this group, this is the incident that came to mind as being the only one I would write about.
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As I remarked, she didn't strap me all that hard and my pain threshold was pretty high.
As for getting into position for the belt, it wasn't as if I had much of a choice. The drastic change in her usual procedure and definitely her tone of voice told me that! It wasn't an order that I would have disobeyed.

Question: after you stopped getting spanked did your pain threshold go down? I was always curious if that happened. Mine always remained the same...pretty low and rather embarrassing.

No, mine did not deminish at all.

So you are totally quiet during a spanking?

When to you start to cry from the spanking? How long was your time in the corner?

I did not cry during spankings very often. My pain threshold was pretty high and it took a bit more effort to produce tears. That only happened about 3 or 4 times. Corner time varied from 2 minutes to almost 15.

How old were you at the time of this spanking and had you started puberty? Were you at all embarrassed? Were you crying, begging or hollering during or after the spanking and did you do the spanky dance afterwards?

Grams hand warm up spanking began to redden your bare bottom cheeks nicely.

This was one time that she didn't hand-spank me first.