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Barefooters Constitution


 It is the right of all humans,of all age groups and ethnic groups to be Bare Foot.
It is the right of all persons to advance their feet health,and choice not to wear shoes.
Children are by nature and birth,bare footers,and may not be forced to wear any form of foot wear by carers,siblings,or parents.
The barefoot person has the right of way in all publick spaces and buildings,and may never be discrimenated,nor critsized against for their choice of going bare feet.
Children of all ages should be free to walk barefoot wherever they wish,and should not be compelled to wear shoes or sneakers or sandals to school,or any establishment,neither by parents,siblings,carers ,or law enforcers.


At birth of a child,parents should not force their children  to wear shoes,It is damaging to the  child's feet,and can be party to physical child abuse,prosecutable by law.
Parents may not compell children to wear any form of foot wear of any kind.Children should be raised barefoot and encouraged to go barefoot .
Gaurdians,carers,and baby sitters may not force children to wear any form of foot wear,neither may they suggest it,encourage it nor promote it,they are to ensure that the child/children in their care is barefoot,encouraged to be barefoot.
Grandparents,great grand parents,god parents may not suggest,hint,or encourage children in their care to ever wear foot wear of any sort.The children are to be encouraged to be barefeet.
Parents have the responsibility to ensure that the home environment is to be condusuve,surportive and encouraging for their barefeet children,and need to encourage the norm ofbarefeet in the home,outside the home and in the general public and educational system.
Parents are to ensure that the school system is supportive of  and condusive to their  barefeet children.
No school/institution may force nor intimidate the parents to aquire any form of  foot wear for their children.Neither nmay the educational establishment make any suggestion for foot wear for  their children.Children are to go to school bare feet.
Parents may not suggest hazzards to barefeet siblings,and instill a fear nor aversion  towards barefeet walking.
Parents may only caution their siblings to dangers/hazzards when faced with it(,pins,thorns etc.)
Parents may not compell their children to wear shoes,due to status or preferences.


No school may force the wearing of any form of foot wear,neither may they encourage it.
Establishments of education,Lower,Medium or Higher education,may not compell,nor force the wearing of any form of foot wear on learners.
All establishments of education,should encourage all learners to be bare feet,and should enforce the bare feet norm to persons that will not comply.
No person may compell any other person to wear shoes or foot wear.At all levels,bare feet will be encouraged.
All persons should remain bare feet from birth,and be reconned as a complete and propper person.
In all situations,the barefoot person should have preeminance.
Under no circumstances may the going about of bare feet be encumbred on,restricted nor negated.


Under no circumstances may the non-barefooter at any stage endanger,nor suggest endangerment/danger or unbenificial suggestions to the bare footer.
The barefooter may not aprove of, nor agree to the wearing of shoes to the non-barefooter.
The non-barefooter may never aprove of,nor agree to the wearing of shoes to the bare footer.
Non barefooters may not suggest,nor hint at footwear for barefoot persons,and may not intimidate bare feet persons by inappropriate inscentives/gifts(shoes,sandals,flip flops,sneakers etc.).
Non -Barefooters may not make degrading/inappropriate remarks or hints at barefoot persons
The barefooter should never resort to the alternative of wearing shoes,and should be comitted to their barefoot norm,and adhere strictly to the state of being bare foot
Non -barefoot persons should not suggest the disadvantages of bare feet walking,unless propperly qualified,with sufficient proof/research.

No establishment may hinder,influence,critisize  or prevent the barefoot person entrance nor service to their premises/services.
All barefoot persons have the rite to dignity,respect and psychological integrity.
No dresscode may hinder the state,nor influence,nor disallow the state of being bare feet.
No uniform may hinder nor restrict the state of being bare feet.


No public or government official,law enforcer or institution may in any way encourage foot wear,resstrict the state of being bare feet,or forbid bare feet in any circumstance or situation.In stead,all public or government official,law enforcer or institution must encourage the state of bare feet,and enforce the state of bare feet should individuals refuse to comply.


It is the duty of  barefoot persons to encourage the advantages and pleasures of barefoot living.
It is the duty of parents,siblings and carers to encourage the bare feet norm from birth to death.
It is the responsibility of the public in general to protect the freedom of bare feet,and to encourage the state of barefeet.
It is the responsibility of the public in general to keep the environment clean and tidy,to protect all barefooters from injury.
It should be the mission of all bare feet persons to encourage  the non-barefoot persons,and  opponents to the bare feet norm,to addopt to the barefoot norm.
Non-bare feet persons may not persist with their foot wear in a bare feet person's home.
It is the right of the barefoot person to refuse any form of  foot wear,and reject any attempt of non-bare feet persons,to force the barefooter to wear any form of foot wear


Any attemt by an  stablishment,service or non-bare footed person,or company or community,enforcing the wearing of any form of foot wear on the bare feet person/child,or any other person,should be met with the full force of the law,and prosecuted to the full extent of the law!
All manner of foot wear should be deemed inappropriate,unpractical,unnatural,dangerous,obscene,redundant,unhealthy,undignified,unprofesional,illegal and profane.


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you are over reacting. I love to be barefoot too. But I wouldn't walk outside barefoot. Especially in my town that full of needles all over from the drug addicts. The last thing I need is to get any diseases or gross stuff in my system. They don't have to be barefoot all the time. They can certainly be barefoot at home or any other safe places.

I so wish this were the way of the world, how can we get the world to adopt this great constitution? I'm certain the only opposition would be from the shoddies.

who are the shoddies?

I probably shouldn't have said "the shoddies", more correct would simply be "shoddies". Those who despise those who don't or don't want to wear shoes; at least that is the sense I got from how I've seen it used by other barefooters. Derived from the term shod, of which one of the definitions is: wearing shoes.

Well said sir! Keep up the good work.

I agree 100%! Everyone should be free to be barefoot!

Right On!!! suppose u can tell I'm grew up in the 60's

If only this can be sent to every department or grocery store in the country.

Awesome! If only it could be agreed to by non-barefooters...

I love it, right on. keep up the good work!!