Greener Side

why does grass look greener on the other side. !!!

when we have issues about certain things in our lives...we see a nice joyful side of the same things in front of us as if they r attracting us.

it seems its asking to take it in our stride and let go of our hurt.

we crave for someone to love us , care for us and make us feel good. when we dont get it, sometimes we come across ppl without searching for them... they come in front of us. they say all the things we want to hear. they dont know we want to hear all that....or is it so obvious in us, they can pick up cues.

but true to ourselves, we get scared of the unknown, after being hurt so many times we dont want to fall in the same trap. its looks appealing now but it all ends up same way. nothing lasts. or maybe , just one last hope one last faith is there and it could be all that we ever needed. it is true and that exists. what we want n need what he says he will prove it, he wont disappoint me, he isnt lying,
how would i know for sure?
so many times hearts broken with same hope and same promises. whats different this time?
is it better to be here where i am unhappy and ignore whats being offered coz of unknown. or shall i jump into it for the last time? will i have regrets, how can i be so sure? are my instincts overshadowed by betrayal and pain.....
sshay64 sshay64
31-35, F
May 9, 2012