Mothers Day

why am i thinking about the day when my mum casually told me i was not what she wanted. she wanted a son . she didnt know until i was born. when she was told its a girl, she didnt see my face for two days, docs spoke to her and finally she decided.
when she fell pregnant with me , she tried everything to get rid of me. all the potions and strong drinks to have a miscarriage. she couldnt get rid of me.
to this day i dont know how a mothers love is supposed to be.i am a mother now and i dont know if i am doing it right or enough for my baby. am i sometimes numb towards him.

did i just celebrate mothers day today ? i did call my mum and wished her. at least i can be a good daughter. sometimes you have everyone around you and you still be alone .......
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2 Responses May 13, 2012

The experience of your past have made you stronger and maybe just maybe it is what you are meant to do. To show your son the love and care that you wish you had when you were young. What you desired of your mother to show you love at a young age is shown through how you bring up your son now. To reiterate, you are showing your son the love that a mother should show and I am sure you are a wonderful mother. <br />
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Everyone has a past, some not as pleasant as others. The ones that take the time to care and to nurture those whom they love know in their heart they are doing the things that they themselves wished they had. That in itself is the best gift they can give their sons or daughters as the sacrifice they experienced in their past. <br />
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Know that you are loved and you are a good mother. There are times to heal and times such as this day to be grateful for what you have now.<br />
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Have a good mothers day,<br />

She has produced such a wonderful daughter. The ground you have grown. Through genes she has contributed to your great soul.