My Gold Experience of

i just want to share somthing with my friend, you know im so crazy abut wow, somtimes i need gold to strenthen myself,  so i tried to used to,  it is awesome! i bought 1000G and they sent is to me immediately, in one hour likely!
cool~ the most important they also give me some discount even is i am a new customer. *_* their live chat service is really beautiful! you can also try ~

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2 Responses Feb 13, 2009

Im totally agree , and i have tried many gold company, oofay is the best, they deliver me the gold on time as they promised, they also gave me a 10%discount code as im a regular cutomer of them, the code is "WL007", i think you can all use it for a better price,Good luck! =]

very nice job!and i will try to order it from the website .lol, i love playing the wow game . thanks for ur recommend. lovely guy !!!:D