The Sling Room

I go to the bath house with a friend with benefits. One of us rents a locker, the other a room. We both put our clothes in the locker and share the room. It's fun to go with a **** buddy because you can get the action going quicker if everybody is just cruising and gawking waiting for someone else to start the show.

I had shown up to his house to go to the club. I I was wearing a shirt, but hadn't bothered to button it up. He told me he wanted to do something before we left and told me to take off my shirt and sit in the recliner, and being the good submissive bottom that I am, I did. He straddled me and then started writing on my face and body. He said he was listing all the things he liked best about me; **********-**** drinker-*** eater-**** lover-****-*****-*** ****** ***,etc. On my back he wrote this whole long thing about me being a sissy *** and that my whole purpose in life was to service and give real men sexual pleasure as their sex toy.

We then wet to the bathhouse and it was my turn to get the locker, so he got the room. We ******** at the locker and went to the room. it was a sling room. He told me to get up in the sling and assume the position. He took some cord out of a little bag he had with him and tied my hands to the chains above my head, Then I put my feet in the leg stirrups and he tied them, too. He ****** me, then took a sharpie and made a hash mark on my ***. People had followed us to the room because of the writing on me, and had watched. He then put a black bandanna over my eyes and then a mask so I couldn't see. He turned to the guys watching and asked, "Who's next?" Two or three guys took their turn right in a row, each adding a hash mark to my *** when they finished. Then he went out to the hall and started whoring me out, and every once in a while someone would come in **** me, and add a hash mark. After several guys, my **** buddy would felch the *** out of my *** and then spit it into my mouth . When our time was up and they called our numbers my buddy came in and said that I had 19 hash marks on my ***. He then proceeded to screw me again, added another hash mark and said that I now had an even 20. Other than my **** buddy, I have no idea who used me that night.

My **** buddy said that he was the only one to **** me twice. I dropped him off and on the way home I stopped at a convenience store and got a soda. My shirt was open,and I wasn't thinking about my face and body being written on. There were a couple of people in the store besides the clerks, and they were quite vocal laughing at me and making comments. I love being humiliated, and since I was caught unaware I got so turned on that I jacked off in the car before I got home. Oh, and one more thing Sharpie does NOT come off easily. My fruit fly finally got the idea to try nail polish remover. It worked, but leaves your skin feeling funny.

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intense story man! love that you take it hard!

I started having sex with my dad and three brothers when I was 11. My dad would be gentle but my brothers had no concept. Now I love being used however my top wants to use me.