The Rain In Spain

 Only one story about bathing suits so far.  How about not having one with me when we visited Spain?  We stopped at the beach, and we were pretty far from the nearest people. Spread our towel and ******** down to my panties and bra.  They matched and I was more modestly covered than if I had my bikini on.  There was also no toilets in sight.  I got up and deliberatley wet my panties while walking down to the water.  That made it hard for my hubby to stand.  He mentioned after I came out of the ocean that my panties were a lot more transparent than a swimsuit would have been.  I was pretty quick getting back into my clothes, wet undies and all.

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Isn't the joy of this to be seen by others as if nothing was wrong? After all, Spain isn't America and they wouldn't take it out these as abnormal. BTW, would you sent me a private message, I can't sent you one until you send me one first.

That was wonderful...wish I could have seen of the NICEST things about panties is that they tend to get very sheer when wet!<br />
Thank you!

You naughty girl!