Taking Dumps At Work

Now ususally i dont take dumps at work but i work at sams club & we have a private bathroom in the back so yea;)

Alright so in sams club i work in the meat department but i handle the rottisierr chicken & ribs. well one day was like any other normal day. cooking chicken & ribs & cleaning & helping guest find whatever there looking for.Working back there you are constinly busy with alot of stuff to do, so before you work make sure you plan everything out by time. well i go on lunch & get too hotdogs with chili mmm mmm. i come back & get ready to work. since it being so loud where i work i can rip some farts & noone will ever know unless they were next too me. so as im cleaning my stomach started to bubbly which means i had to ****, it got worst as i tried to hold it in, so i took my uniform off & headed to the back, but before i could i got stopped by a guest asking like a million questions. I'm trying to answer them all but she dodnt realize i had to drop off a missle!, so after she leaves i try & get away & another guest comes up asking a question!!! Lots of times guest will ask if they can get cases of a certain meat or chicken. this guy needed not 1 but 2 cases of chickens. sooo i had to go in the cooler & get them, bending down getting those boxes i thought forsure i was gonna **** my pants. i get the boxes & give them to the guest. finally i jet to the back & make it to the bathroom i lock the door so noone will walk in. i sit down & pee then comes the serious of farts, pushed & could feel a thick log making its way out, i could tell it was big because when it hit the water it splashed my *** which i hate. the weird thing about this toilet was the water was hot so it wasnt bad. when that turd came & landed the bathroom smelled horrible but i keep going. i was fighting a monster & it was winning. i was leaning to the side, sweating, praying trying to push all of those turd monsters out of me. finally i believe im done & i take a min to relax just incase i have somemore still in me. but as usual *knock Knock* someone at the door which ****** me off because i would like to enjoy my major stinky dump! so after that i wiped my butt,washed my hands & went back to work:)
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1 Response May 9, 2012

enjoyed your story sounds like you realy enjoyed doing it but had interuptions.at the end.