Mental Problems

i suffer from moderate depression and with that comes a few other mental problems such as eating disorders, anxiety, self esteem, trusting my friends and family. I am getting better as i used to be severely depressed but the depression is gradually drecreasing, but what makes everything worse in my life is my father, he constantly treats me negatively, verbally abusing me and lecturing me about how useless and unsuccessful i you can imagine, this would trigger depression and believe me, it does!!. i have tried so many things to avoid my dads attitude and to just happily get on with my own life but its hard because my dad always makes sure that he is 100% involved in my life..but not exactly in a positive way, its in a way that is invading my presonal space, aggravating, and abusive (mostly verbal but occaisionally physical abuse).. i feel like i cant achieve what i want to in life because my dad stops me from being successful on my own unless he gets to take some credit. Its driving me insane and isnt helping my mental health. in previous arguments or fights my dad has started with me it has made me feel extreeml aggravated and sometimes suicidal on a bad day.

jeremyfish jeremyfish
18-21, F
Mar 5, 2010