Today The Battle Is Hard

Today the battle is hard.
In a few days (tomorrow?  Monday maybe?  I have it written down somewhere), I will have been in recovery for 100 days.

100 days since I restricted.
100 days since I felt the rush of living off nothing more than a carrot, a piece of dry toast and an apple.
100 days since I let the voice of Ana whisper in my ear, leading my actions so that I don't have to.
100 days since I felt the rush of ticking off another goal.
100 days since I fought to stay concious and upright when my blood sugar plummetted once again.
100 days doesn't seem so long...

It's been a long, ardurous fight, and yet the war inside me still wages on.
I have days like today, and all I want to do is throw on a big hoodie and do sit ups until I puke or run until my heart stops.
Where I want to not only stop eating, but stop living altogether.
Because all I feel like I am is a fat waste of space.
And it's so ******* stupid!  Because logic tells me I'm not.  I've checked and re-checked my BMI.  It's like 21 or 22.  Even when I look at myself in the mirror, I don't think I look all that bad, because body dysmorphia has pretty much gone since my brain isn't starved.  And yet there's still that feeling.  It doesn't even have to have a reason behind it.  I just feel huge. 
And I feel useless.
And I wonder why I even decided to recover in the first place.
And I wonder why I decided to keep on living.
Why I let myself go on when I definitely have the power to stop it.

AH ****!  Seriously, I need to shake myself out of this.  I`m just sitting here in front of the computer, feeling fat and bashing on myself, considering the impossible, considering the unspeakable, that final act...

Some days are easier than others.
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1 Response May 19, 2012

I won't... no, I won't. I've put too much into it at this point to give up just because I'm having a supremely lousy day. Thank you :)