Feeling Alone

I often feel alone,even if I am around people..I feel sad at random parts of the day. I have had serious anxiety attacks over the years,and it has made me reluctant to leave my house very much.I don't enjoy much of anything.I was dianossed with panic disorder and slight angoraphobia.So I battle all this while I raise my six year old son.
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3 Responses Jul 7, 2007

Have you sought treatment for this condition? I suffered from anxiety for too many years and after a couple of months on zoloft, with lots of therapy to uncover and deal with childhood issues, I am not only functioning again, but more content than ever. Why did I wait so long to face up to this illness? Don't wait any longer. There's no need to suffer. I swore I'd never take medicine. That was very naive. I didn't think I needed therapy. Again, ridiculous. Please be honest with yourself and face your demons. Take medication if you need to. Don't let this take your life away!! Stand up to it and find the peace you deserve.

well i havent left my house in 5 months :(

i suffer from social anxiety so i understand what you are going through. i to feel lonely at times because i can't talk to the people close to me about it i only feel comfortable talking to a counsellor. But i wish u all the luck in dealing with your battle with anxiety!