My Panic Disorder

I didn't know that such a thing as anxiety disorder existed until half a year ago when my older brother announced that he was going to take me to the psychiatrist. I said fine, and I was diagnosed with panic disorder and depression. The diagnosis itself was scary because I didn't know that it was something that had a name and something that other people experienced too.

I didn't respond to stress or tight situations very well since I was kid - examinations have always been trying times for me and it still is. I never do well in them because I spend most of the time trying to keep myself from throwing up, and the fact that all my bones are aching from being sick before the exam doesn't help. I think it started with things like these and spread to manifest itself in my everyday life.

At the moment I'm on on a number of antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications, which made my psychological health a little better, but the puking hasn't stopped. I still have problems controlling my psychological state and it really angers me. I've decided that medication is only a temporary solution, and I've been doing some yoga and meditation to strengthen my mind.
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2 Responses Aug 9, 2007

Ahhh, I feel you! My panic attacks make me sick too! Ugh, it's awful!

woow i feel you i have THE SAME problem, the throwing up etc..... i did take medicine but TRUST ME is doesnt help, i still have the disorder but im fighting with it without meds!