My Problem Is Inherited

I wonder if there have been any studies as to how anxiety attacks come on.

My family tree has a history of them.  My father and sister both suffer or suffered from them and so do I from time to time. 

My worst time is when I am out of my element.  To take a trip of any great length becomes a chore of great proportions. 

Many medications simply flip on me and cause me even greater problems.  I was once given serax but after a while that did not seem to work for me and now I usually nibble on one that is related to that.

I had a physical once and was feeling off and anxious that morning.  When my blood work came up, there were differences in my thyroid.  But any natural thyroid medicine that I have tried has only made my heart race and thus cause more problems.

Bananas have been known to help some and I often take them. 

I tried taking a trip with my wife and daughter to Alaska last summer. 

I started to have problems in the airport.  I could feel the anxiety coming on.  I nibbled on a pill and fought the fight.  I felt that if I could just get on the plane, that I might be able to work past it.  On our first part of the flight to Seattle, I thought I was doing ok and began to listen to music to help work through it.  The perfume of the woman sitting in front of me brought me out of my relaxed state and I felt the anxiety start to build.  I nibbled on some more pill and tried to relax.  Before I knew it, I was throwing up in a bag.

I got off the plane in Seattle and said goodbye to my wife and daughter and took the next flight back to town.  I was totally fine on that flight but slept all afternoon after arriving back at my house from the ordeal.

I want so bad to take trips with my family.  My daughter works for the airline so it is all free to me....except I feel that I just cant.

There has to be a solution to all of this.

Bowser923 Bowser923
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1 Response Feb 23, 2009

My attacks started in certain ways when I was quite young. I did not understand them at first. When I would do or go into something different in my life, I would get sick for a time. <br />
<br />
I remember one job where I almost did not get it as I had to take a physical on my first day and my feeling sick and anxiety brought my blood pressure up.<br />
<br />
Another time, I was moving from one state to the other. As I drove, I was ok in the day but at night, I got sick. One night, I ended up in the hospital only to be told that I must have the flu.<br />
<br />
Another time, I was on vacation in Hawaii. When I was rushed to the hospital in the middle of the night there, I was diagnossed with depression.<br />
<br />
Yet another time, I was in Vegas. My attack there was so huge that I contemplated taking my life. <br />
<br />
I just want to be normal. I have no problems in stressful situations. My problem is when I do something different such as go on trips or have to fly out of town in the early hours. It is so frustrating.