Sometimes I feel like maybe I don't really have BDD maybe I'm just seeking attention. Does anybody else every feel like that?
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Ya, i feel like that sometimes, too. When I start feeling bad about BDD or start considering an eating disorder (which I have not followed through on.... Yet), I wonder if maybe I'm being dramatic or just trying to feel bad for myself. I have always kind of envied people who got attention for stuff like this (for some reason), so maybe I just want sympathy. But honestly, I am pretty sure I've got BDD. The eating disorder thing I'm still confused about in my decision, but I think it's pretty clear I've got BDD, and it SUCKS! But keep going, it's not easy, but nothing can be helped unless you keep trying for happiness. I know, it's really hard, but it can get better. Maybe we can talk some more if you'd like, I could really use someone to talk to. But i totally understand if you don't want to, it's just an offer. :)
Btw, sorry for really late response. I just saw this.

Hey Hun. I have BDD also. Read my experience I think it might help you because other people are going through it. Here to talk if you want :) xxx