I Almost Got Shot Tonight Please Pray For Me

yesterday my friend katie from next door found out that a friend of ours stole her mother's ring her mother had just died and this "friend" stole it and pawn it she went to the pawn shop he said he go to the guy in the shop told her it was him they got in-to tonight he came over to her house and tried to tell her off he show them a lot of money and said **** them he came to our house my cousin his "friend" told him not to leave that they would be out side waiting for him he went out side and they fought him he tried to come in the house but they pull him back and took their back from him i want to see if my girl was ok but i had a bad feeling about it so i dont want to go over there but my uncle told me to do the right thing and see about my friend i went over there and i told them as soon as i got there i had a bad feeling i ask them for their bible i got it and said i got a bad feeling we need god in this house tonight i prayed and read Psalm 23 out loud i was in the kitchen every said amen it was a knock at the door next to kitchen  it was him he called everyone to come out side and shot up the kitchen her 1 year old child was next to me my cousins came and got when he was gone i'm in my basement with katie we are fine  her kids and family are fine no one was hurt i am thankful for that but i'm scared right now please please pray for me and katie and our families thank you ~janice~
janiceisdayna janiceisdayna 31-35, F Jan 14, 2008

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