They say that strangers can be the best judge of your character, well I say that but anyway I state this because they're the only ones who wouldn't give a biased answer or thought.

Through the trials and tribulations I've undergone this last year and from all the overwhelming evidence I see, I think maybe I have this too. The signs seem to be there so I guess it has to be true.

I do fluctuate, feeling grumpy at one point and then feeling relieved at the next but it isn't spontaneous...the change happens sometimes. I don't know much about this disease but I'd say the circumstances are the major reason for this. If I could relive four years of my life again, I know for sure, I wouldn't be in the position that I'm in today.

There's been more discomfort than pain and I wish for better days to come so I can look back at this particular juncture in life, and laugh at how I used to worry ever so much.

redradishz redradishz
26-30, F
May 22, 2012