I was always getting angry or sad out of the blue and my sisters kept saying "you have issues" and I got a councilor. She told me we needed to visit her friend and she finally told me I was experiencing bipolar disorder. I hate waking up feeling depressed and gloomy and listening to my dad worry about me because he's not used to seeing it. I know I can't always control my emotions and my dad understands. I just can't stand it when I go through emotions and experience about 20 moods a day. I had medicine but I hated it and I don't like how it feels. I'm so tired of explaining that there's nothing that puts me in down moods to my dad. He always thinks there's something wrong when I just happen to feel down. I don't like the anger either. Sometimes I lash out and get an attitude with my dad and I feel so bad. I'm happy but even when I'm happy I'm angry or sad or just flat. I don't get it why can't I experience 1 emotion at a time.
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It's definitely a struggle for all of us with bipolar disorder. Just know you are not alone.

hey patience, great story, i will help u the best i can over come it!!!! luv u

Thanks darling. :)

your welcome, u are so amazing!!!!!