My Battle

I have been in a battle of self mutilation, medication, and aggravation. I have severe depression and bipolar. I get very destructive and threatening when not on meds. I get angry enough to black out. Broken my wrists and fingers multiple times from punching various things. You know the normal stuff walls, road signs, and trees. Oh yeah you don't beat a tree. They don't budge. The good old days. Not. But I'm better now. Well balanced and feeling good.
Michael20219 Michael20219
22-25, M
1 Response Dec 12, 2012

What finally got you better?What meds and how long does it take? Thanks!

Lots of work on myself and lithium. Realizing that i am worth more and can accomplish so much. It will always be a battle but I feel like I now have strengths behind me. Talk about it. Let it out to somebody. It helps tremendously.