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Am I Doing The Right Thing?

Hi my sister has just been diagnosed recently and keeps sending me and my family weird messages, I just ignore them because I don't want to make her worse. Am I doing the right thing? I don't want her to feel like I don't care or that I'm alienating her, I think that if I text back it's basically enabling her weird thoughts or making it worse. If you have any experience with this type of thing any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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I have two bipolar siblings, but I don't think I know what you mean. Could you explain a little more?

Yeah she's only just been diagnosed and I don't know much about it, normally she hardly ever texts me but now she keeps randomly doing it but it will be 3 texts shortly after another, talking all kinds of nonsense and weird stuff, it's like getting a text from someone in wonderland. Instead of saying anything I've just been ignoring her because I've got my own things to deal with and I don't know if it will make her delusions worse if I text her back and I don't know how to tell her what she's talking about is nonsense.

Well I think the most important thing is to let her know that you're there for her, whether you understand or can relate to what she's saying or not. Don't tell her you agree with what she's saying if you don't, but at least let her know you'll listen to what she's saying if she needs someone to talk to. I've noticed on manic cycles people with bipolar think they've figured it all out, and a lot of the time what they're saying, or how they justify what they're doing is completely ridiculous, but that doesn't mean she isn't upset about it, even if it doesn't make any sense to you. I completely understand though, wanting to ignore her and say it isn't any of your business, that you just can't deal with it right now. But she's having to deal with something she never asked for too! Just let her know she isn't alone. Is she planning on seeking help for it?

Yeah you just described exactly how she's acting, yes she is getting help she went to see someone today but not heard anything yet. I know it sounds a little selfish but when I say I've got my own stuff I mean I have suffered from depression and even though I'm a lot better, I'm still building my life back up, so having that to deal with for me is too much at the moment on top of all my own stresses like work etc. and there is other family members who are in better positions and could do it better. I just don't like being ignorant but I don't want her phoning and txting me the way she does my brother and my mum because they're getting it a lot worse than me and that's why I haven't spoken to her.

I really do understand where you're coming from with that too, I suffer from severe depression. It's hard enough to deal with on its own without other people's problems and drama on top of it. It's an extremely overwhelming situation. But I understand that you have to take care of yourself before you can help someone else. I'm sorry that you're going through this.

thanks for the kind words and advice :) hope you feel ok now though, it's the worst thing in the world when you have severe depression, it's like a living hell inside your head on the worst days. I've got to an ok balance and understanding at the moment, I just try to be healthy and positive but I'm still a little scared I could feel that bad again, which is partly the reason I don't feel I could hack getting myself better and helping someone else.

:) you're welcome. And I'm ok. Winter is always the worst.

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