What a Kick In the ***...but It Explains So Much

I knew as a child that something wasn't right about they way I felt. It wasn't until two years ago, while in the process of a divorce that I was diagnosed with Bi Polar disorder.

I hated the fact that I was going to be on daily medication to make me feel better, and act more like a "typical" human being, but it was such a relief to realize that there WAS a reason that I acted the way I did. It's still very hard sometimes, even with the medication. There are days that I am angry at everything, and I feel like I am on my last nerve, but it passes, and these days are happening MUCH less often than they used to.
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2 Responses May 23, 2007

It is a relief to finally get a diagnosis and see that we don't have this major character flaw. I recommend getting on a good mood stabilizer. I am on depakote. A therapist and if you are religious a good church. Support groups can be helpful if they are not too negative. I've been in good ones and bad ones. Do as many positive things as you can and be nice to yourself. I have to keep my stress levels down. Best of luck to you!

I'm glad things are going better for you. I showed symptoms at 5 but was not diagnosed until 27, everyone brushed things under the carpet and ignored the problem. It will always be hard, try to develop a support system and that will make it better.