Judge Me

Don't judge me you dont know what its like to be me. I want to be the so called normal. Living like this gets overwhelming. Im so tired of my mind haveing 7 different minds of its own. Im in raged all the time. My fuse is broke off. I wake everyday hopeing that I still can peel my self off the bed or couch or floor. I dont want to be this sad all the time my life is just passing me by Im still me the mirror just looks different.


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26-30, F
6 Responses Jun 18, 2007

Are you feeling any better now after some time has past. I hope so.

The degradation of morality and spirituality in our society continues to reward us with young people who are so desperately troubled.

I'm sorry your going through that. I am just getting out of feeling very similar to how you feel now.

look around at people on the bus, at the grocery store, at school<br />
the majority usually does not look very happy<br />
they look depressed, pissed, sleep deprived, used, stressed, etc<br />
when did happiness become the norm? its only normal to expect on tv<br />
and you will get out of this. I'm guessing you've been depressed before, and you at some point were able to overcome the darkness<br />
it seems when we are in a dark tunnle we can never see just how long it is, or where the light will come from<br />
hang in there

I definitely agree with EP !! and i want to tell you what my mom always tells me <br />
YOUR NORMAL FOR YOU !!! you may actually be able to call your psych ( if you have one ) and get your meds adjusted .. and if your not on meds ... Then you need to get on some .. they dont fix the problem but they will alleviate some of the symptoms

It sounds like you are showing some classic signs of depression. You might want to see someone about it.