Not So Typical Bipolar Disorder Experience

I'll make this short because if you're like me, you have a short attention span.  I was hype all through high school with the intermittent crying outbursts in school.  I went to college and became immensely depressed.  I cried for hours and for no apparent reason.  Rainy over-cast days and my menstrual cycle exaggerated the depression.

I went to the school psych for a while and was prescribed Celexa.  I was comatose and without feeling.  Then, I was prescribed Effexor, which worked for my mom.  I felt really good, so good, too good.

Grandiosity and Promiscuity:
I thought I was fine.  The sexiest woman in the room.  I was dating every man who crossed my path and chasing after every skirt on the all-women's college.  I didn't sleep with anyone, but there was a lot of making out.  I got bored very quickly and exchanged romantic interests like blouses in the morning.

Excessive spending of money:
The only money I blew was $100 on posters that I didn't want and I had no idea why I bought them.

Mood swings and Mania:
My moods changed drastically and I was full of rage, depressed, irritated, happy, ecstatic, up and down, up and down, hour after hour, day after day.  My mania was induced by medicine and when I stopped bathing, going to class, turning in my work, threatened to kill myself, and others, the college forced me to medically withdraw.  I went to the psych ward as an out-patient for 23 hours, came home from February 2005 until May.

Went back to school August 2006 and was forced to withdraw again in September 2006 because a counselor at 1-800-SUICIDE thought I was trying to overdose on my anxiety medication, went to the ER several times on behalf of the college, and came home.  I have been home from September 2006 until the present, but the good news is that I am getting a car, going back to school close to home [community college], and I met a female over whom I am geeking.

I am looking forward to meeting people who have Type II Bipolar Disorder like me.

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I lived with a woman that was diagnosed as bi polar. At first everything was fine then she began going into rages. Shewas on all types of meds eventually going on thorazine and a list that seemed unending. <br />
<br />
I noticed her changes in her libido. She would be loving and intense for sex with me for periods but then she would just want the sex without really any emotion. That was disturbing and then she would come home after having sex outside the home. <br />
She was at heart a great friend and woman but she worked me into her enemies list and as hard as I tried I could not reach her. Her friend called me to say to stay away because she was lying and betraying our relationship. Sadly I would not believe this until she threw it into my face by having a child with her ex...<br />
I hope you get the help you need. It isn't hopeless it is just so complicated. You need good support/excellent honest doctors and someone that is looking to help not<br />
judge you. It takes time for the right combo of meds and support to align. I hope you have great success.

Your story reminded me so much of my own. I am Bipolar-II also and have been in and out of college because of the disease. I'm very intelligent and work hard--I should be finishing my doctorate by now, but instead I am just finally finishing up my BA. Sometimes I feel so left behind. Good for you, getting back in school.