Now What

having sex with  my ex is amazingly wonderfull smashing is what we call it but thats all I have with him (plus twins) I think all its doing is making me obsessed with him and I feel that it is unhealthy. He makes me feel like killing myself somedays just because I cant get ahold of him and dont know where he is. I think Im sick with him. I just dont know what to do I love that huge ****. But I think thats all we dont have much in common anymore. He works all the time and is not a very good father because of it. I need someone that is going to be there for me. I see all of this now that I have been back on my meds. Im so torn just so torn.

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2 Responses Aug 2, 2007

Its only natural that you still are obsessed with your ex especially since he is still around and there is no one else to fill that void. When your feeling weak though just try to remember why he is your ex and that there are other big dicks out there. Maybe if you spent the time you are spending sexing him going out with some freinds or doing something for yourself you will find someone even better and more deserving.

I understand how you feel when you can't get ahold of your ex and don't know where he is. I feel that way with this girl with whom I'm speaking.