And I hate adjusting to new medications...Especially anti depressants... Mostly because not only does it give you physical symptoms like nausea, fatigue, decreased appetite, headache, cold sweats, and tremors but it also makes you feel light headed, gives you blurry eyesight, makes it hard to balance when you walk, and decreases you fine motor skills... I just want to be able to take a shower without my husband having to listen in case I fall, or sleep without causing him anxiety when my breathing gets shallow. I cant wait until this is all over and my body is used to these symptoms... I can hardly get out of bed today.... But the worst part of all is when your loved ones dont understand what its like to struggle with a mental illness.... when you tell them you cant get out of bed and all they say is "Just get up do something, its easy".... but its really isnt as easy as it sounds when you have a mental disorder... Its like a invisible disability and because people cant see it, they have a hard time understanding...
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I understand about being stuck on meds. I'm adjusting to a new antipsychotic, Abilify and coming off Invega Sustenna. I would rather not be on Medication but I am SMI. I have always strived to be on the least Medication. Though still I have trouble getting out there and engaging with a program. I have been rather sporadic all my life. There are dead times in my life then I slowly crawl to a slow walk. By the time I am seems I am on the way to overdoing everything in my life.
I hope the best for you, I certainly don't have it figured out.

Hang in there :)