I Fought The Bipolar And The Bipolar Lost

Those of us who are bipolar are usually sensitive, introspective and thoughtful. Although these attributes bespeak some degree of intelligence they do not, necessarily, prepare us for the daily grind or help us to establish and maintain successful relationships. Be advised, however, that in our case, usually by the time that we reach our thirties, time does begin to heal all wounds, without sacrificing the sensitivity, introspection or thoughtfulness. Even ECT and massive drug therapy cannot overwhelm these abilities.
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2 Responses Jun 27, 2010

I so agree with you about our natures , those of us that are Bi Polor, I have never seen a person with this illness that wasn't generous as well.

Yes, but escaping with alcohol and drugs in my 20s put off the battle. And now its tough times in my 30s.when I don't want to use the booze anymore.