I Suffer From Major Depression And Bi-polar

i need some help,i suffer from major depression and bi-polar.
i was told i had depression just over a year ago and only a few months ago i was told i had bi-polar.
i have terrable scaring down my left arm which now im very embarrassed about when im in public.
ive been with my girlfriend for just over 6 months right now and im having a hard time getting over her past. she has had a sexual relationship before me and she is my first, im having trouble geting over her ex. i keep on telling myself that time will heal everything but i just dont know how long. it is killing me inside and having what i have is making it worse.
can someone please tell me what to do ive tryed nealy everything.
its looking like my last resort to find happines is to be by myself.
i need help so badly
jameswoodcock jameswoodcock
18-21, M
Sep 15, 2010