Different View

I was diagnosed at 16 with bi-polar type 2.. Listen, its been hell. Moodswings, rampant behaviour, depression to the point where you cannot get out of bed.. You all know the drill. What i have discovered though, is that it is no use to wallow in misery for the rest of your life. I have this disorder, deal with it. Sad reality is that no-one understands it, they try, but its not possible. What you consciously decide to do about it is what makes the difference.
In a way, I feel blessed. Look, im angry as hell sometimes that i was dealt this delightful disease. But in so many ways, im blessed. I have the privilege of seeing things from such a different point of view, and use it to help others. I have experienced intense sadness, intense joy, intense despair, intense anger, intense everything really... A lot of people go through life being numb, the dont understand any of these emotions.
What you do with them, thats what makes all the difference. Manage your condition, take your meds, go for your psyc visits. Read up on what you dont understand. This doesnt have to b a crippling disease, you can in fact have a "normal" life.
I have read up on this disorder quite a lot, not claiming to be a pro, but i think i have come to understand and manage it quite well. Please feel free to inbox me if you would like to communicate about it.... :))
Ladysusu Ladysusu
26-30, F
Sep 5, 2012