Everyday I put on a smile and hide how I truly feel, I've only let two people in but not all the way.. I'm scared and i don't know why. I want to break down and cry but I haven't cried in years, I've lost so much family and not just to them passing but them telling me to my face that they don't want me to be in their lives and my depression has gotten worse and worse and I just wanna cry right now
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Hey... Im here for you if you wanna talk sometime...

Um.. i can try.. lol

pls cry girls controlling their cry may lead you to some worst or bad health problems

I can't

cool your self play with kids and travel long to unknown place see other who are in depression yours is nothing.... calm your self, your the only person who can compare with others of yours... there are many without 1 time meal a day all you have cool yourslef

I can only try again

everything's gonna be alright, girl :)

this may seem like a stupid question but what drives your depression? like i understand you've experienced loss and other things but what goes through your mind that makes you feel sad? for me personally i have this feeling in my mind that i will never meet peoples expectations and that the people that like me are secretly pretending and really hate me but feel bad and some other things but i don't want to make this about me. but yeah you said you were scared and don't know why. when you feel this fear is there anything going through your mind any thoughts or internal conversations?

Cry if you need to cry, then go on, nothing stays exactly the same and feelings aren't true.

Sorry for your lose. I've been there its gets better with time..

It's been 12 years since my oldest sister past and it still hasn't gotten better :/

Here are some things that help me 1. Change of environment (move out of state ) 2. Exercise 3. I stop expecting Meds to be a miracle cure all and look at other cognitive therapy 4. Kept busy, (college)...Step outside your comfort zone!

PS You never going to feel the same like it was before her death

I don't have a comfort zone anymore, the people I lost where the ones who created my comfort zone

Your comfort zone can be in your room or house. A great idea would be to take up a hobby were you can meet meet new people with similar interest. An Idle mind is a dangerous mind..Find things to keep the mind busy. Take a trip....The idea is to do something different than what you doing now. I used to make a effort to laugh one hour day by listening to Youtube videos of comedians....

I guess I can try

That's why you have to create your own comfort zone. I hope I'm one of the two people? Lol

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