My doc is treating the depression but not the anxiety attacks.

He just doesnt seem to undersand that having panic attacks is debilitating

in their own special way.....

im so frustrated


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Umm, B52 is a powerful bomb. if you are B52, you have no enemies.

Im on anti depressants, bipolar meds and also anxiety meds. I can function fine, definatley get a second opinion

I take anti depressants, and have anxiety attacks when certain triggers occur. I have not been medicated for it because the doctor fears the medication will counter the anti depressant I am taking. So, I have been forced to try and learn to moderate my reactions to anxiety. Unfortunately, results have been mixed at best. I feel for you and pray for your good health.

Hi Beauty in darkness. <br />
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If the psychiatrist doesn't reognise that the panic attacks is one major problem for you then maybe it is time to shop around for another opinion. <br />
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I understand that the mixed anxiety depression thing is very real issu and ofthen respond to help but that it is a much harder battle than if you just have one or the other. What has the doctor put you on re: medication?<br />
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