I Won't Give Up This Battle!

I agree with 'Don't give up Hope' because it may take awhile before finding the right doctor and/or medication of even lifestyle/diet change.  Vitamins help quite often, and exercise if you are able to talk yourself into moving. Ha.  I was on serotonin type meds for awhile but they affected my short term memory and ability to retain/ learn new facts and info so much that for the sake of earning a living, I had to stop.  People couldn't understand why I forgot everything, but often I just felt like I couldn't think, bosses don't like that too much.  I do take something that works on dopamine / norepenephrine but am concerned that it doesn't seem to be doing the job it once did.  Yes, the lack of sun in winter and cold weather makes it worse, but I have loved ones who are counting on me.  Yes, it has slowed me down in what I've accomplished in life so far, but not stopped me.  Don't let it stop you, read, learn, try different food to stabilize your mood, whatever it takes...amen.  I truly believe there are solutions - communicating with others is helpful -even when you feel withdrawn - love goes a long way.   
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Thank you. Brilliantly written, insightful, and helpful.

Thank you for your story of encouragement. I have lost my job do to the inabiliy to work because of mental illness. Financially we are on the down hill slide. I know I need to go back to work, but I don't think I'm able to do so yet. When I even think about going to work, I get butterflies in my stomach and a very tight chest. I need to find a first step. I thought of sending out applications but my anxiety is so high I feel like it would be my undoing and I'll unravel like a ball of yarn. Your story, is my story, perhaps that is a small step for future employment.

Wow, i never knew that my confusion and forgetfulness may be a symptom of my seratonin type meds. Thank you for that!

Thank you for your posting. I am really struggling with anxiety and depression right now and have been prescribed 3 different meds but none of them seem to have worked. I am trying to remain positive but after three Im starting to wonder if anything will help. Im flagging in my fight but Im trying to keep my resolve.

I've had the same experience with meds. I had to try multiple ones, sometimes in different combinations and dosages before finding something that worked. Even then, I do have some memory problems. Like you, I refuse to give up. Keep fighting.

What a lovely hopeful post - thank you :)

Yes, dom76, I have had some of those symptoms but not very often and not as severe. Sometimes repressed feelings come back to haunt you - did you lose someone close, did you grieve? Underneath, there may be something a good counselor may help you with...I wish I had the answer but hope that you are able to obtain some relief. The fear of dying during a panic attack is what I found the most difficult. Take care.

I just recently have been told I have anxiety it came out of nowhere one day landing me in the hospital I have been checked for everything. now they say it's just anxiety but I still feel they are missing something. my question is when these like panic attacks or what ever come on they make my left side of my chest hurt. dizzy very fatigued keep thinking I am going to die. anyone have these symptoms?


I am truly sorry that you may be dealing with devastating news about your health, and it certainly is understandable that you may have some serious anxiety about it - just wanted you to know that many of us in cyberspace do care. My heart ,and I would bet many others as well, goes out to you. I love your attitude though about savoring the air, realizing the positive things in all around you!

I've had some depression lately too. I'm thinking that I'm HIV positive and it chills my spine. <br />
<br />
My first advice is to relax. Then breath and feel. Savor the air that flows into your body. <br />
<br />
Then think about things that we can still do and enjoy, especially the little things. <br />
<br />
Read a book, watch a movie, go online.<br />
<br />
Worrying accomplishes nothing. Being focused on what can be done is better.

I would like to know if anybody at all has any coping skills to help me deal with my anxiety and depression. I feel like I am about to go crazy!!!!

Relax and keep your faith in God. Pray hard with a lighted candle. Talk to God about your worries. Then let go all of it as if it was taken care by God. Then, stay away from anxious people because they can add up to your anxiety.

Also, you might need to be productive because you also have to earn for a living. My advice for this is do things litlle by little. Assume a considerable amount of responsibility to keep things done.

God bless. :)

Learn about your situation, and the way you are feeling. Try to let go. Talk to God. Pray, and just talk to him as if hes right there. Because he really is and even if you feel like he's not listening. He is, he really is there. And he will answer your prayers, he loves you. He will never give up on you. You will find a way. Try to think positive. I have learned to write about the way I feel. Talk to others. Share your story.

I am winning in the battle of depression myself, that wasn't always the case. i have decided to give myself a break, i'm not perfect, but a perfect God loves me just as i am. i have recently quit taking pain meds for a chronic spine condition by using a mind over matter technique. i have tried antidepressants but they were not for me although i know they are helpful for some people...my advice is to decide that you will stay physically active in some way even though you can anticipate not wanting to. with chronic pain this is always a challenge, but like i said...i'm winning..one day @ a time, day by day and each one is a gift!

I don't battle depression, per say. But I tell ya, having Lupus and going through the fatigue and aching associated with it is getting very draining. I try to deal with it through diet, attitude, and exercise but some days.....