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I am that guy who there never seems to be anything wrong with, the guy who doesn't get stressed, even when he should.  I just moved far away from the people i know, and I was okay with that, until I didn't make any friends at the college I'm at now.  I have a huge fear of being alone, i never have told anyone that, but its true.  I live with my girlfriend, but while i love her, she doesn't fill the gap that friends do.  She's a huge homebody, and i am not, some days i feel like we shouldn't be together, like were just together out of habit, i mean we have really good days, but I feel very isolated from the world.  Bluntly put, I have flirted with suicide like some over dramatic teenager, but as cliche as it sounds i just can't find the drive.  My partner doesn't listen at all and acts like there is no problem, but I feel like i wanna scream sometimes just to break the monotony.  
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1 Response Jul 12, 2010

relationships are all about communication so if your girl isn't listening to you when you tell her how you are feeling... than maybe she isn't the right girl for you. as far as needing friends... there are lots of ways you can meet people. i cant really give you any good tips considering i moved a month ago and still don't know anyone. but that is also has a lot to do with my anxiety. maybe you should go out to places. coffee shops are usually a good place to start. mean while... you might want to use this time to really work on yourself. you say you are afraid to be alone so maybe you could take this time to figure out why. there is nothing wrong with having lots of friends but there is also nothing wrong with being alone for awhile. get to know yourself better and work on your fears. if you do that you just might figure out how to make some new friends and you'll have a stronger sense of what you want out of life.