Fear of Anxiety Attacks

I have suffered with anxiety for years, its often the fear of panic that dominates me and stops me doing so many things, has anyone sussed out how to manage this and get on with their lives?
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I have the same problem too. I have anxiety for almost 10 years. I get anxious when I have to social with people I don't know well and most of them are Caucasians. When I am with these people I get panic, I can not think during conversation and it can get serious that I can have short breath. Some people don't know I have this problem can get me wrong, they might think that I am unfriendly because I am always being very quiet with them, actually I am feeling butterflies inside me.....

I wish i had an answer, but i too am in your boat. Ive been fighting my panic attacks for years- and I have become agorophobic in most situations. Dont want to go somewehre, or leave the house in fear of having a panic attack. Ive tried medications- Im actually trying to get off one right now because it stopped helping my anxiety, and now my body is just physically addicted to it. But the point is I feel your pain... Its awful living with this problem. <br />
I hope you can find a solution, and if you do, please let me know. Good luck.

I have never been stopped by the fear of having another panic/anxiety attack. Even at their most chronic, 2 or 3 times a day, I would still go out and do things like i normally would...completely lacking any joy i would have gotten out of doing the things i enjoy, but I would still go. Maybe it is because I don't like the thought of something controlling me. Or maybe it was because of my brother's antagonizing when i was younger. Or even maybe because I have literally had them my entire life that I had adapted to them as someone would adapt to a hacked limb at a young age.

i have to take tablets called Citaloram but i am too afraid to take them. I am tryin to face my problems head on, to see if I can get rid of this illness without the help of drugs. But so far I fail. Im too afraid of being left alone, too afraid to go to the kitchen (in my boyfriends as im living there) and also am too afraid to go to the TOILET! its got that bad. <br />
I would like to share my experiences with people who have also had fears like mine. As it might help with the situation on both sides.

A panic attack is anxiety run amok. Some people prone to anxiety may suffer sudden, short periods of intense fear or discomfort. Symptoms can include shortness of breath, dizziness or faintness, trembling, palpitations or rapid heartbeat, sweating, choking, stomach upset, numbness or tingling, flushes or chills, chest pain or discomfort and fear of dying or going crazy.<br />
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Panic attacks are a problem that you should discuss with your doctor. There are, however, a few things that you can try on your own. Dr. Vittone offers these six steps.<br />
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<br />
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1. Reassure yourself that the attack will pass, usually within five or ten minutes.<br />
<br />
2. Remind yourself, even though you may feel terrified, that no one has ever died or gone mad from a panic attack. Tell yourself, "This will pass."<br />
<br />
3. Ride with your feelings, telling yourself, "These are just feelings." Allow yourself to experience having trouble breathing, and just breathe slowly. You are getting sufficient oxygen.<br />
<br />
4. Every minute or two, rate your anxiety on a scale of one to ten. You'll find that although levels fluctuate, it's gradually going down.<br />
<br />
5. Take ten slow, deep, diaphragmatic breaths. Check your anxiety level again.<br />
<br />
6. Focus on physical things around you. Mentally describe the room, your clothes, sounds, smells. Stay in the present, and get your attention from inside your body to outside.<br />
<br />
Repeat these steps until the panic subsides.

I have the same problem. Depression and anxiety. I cant hang out with people or get a job because for some reason I always panic.

I have the same problem too. But I try to go out to learn things because I don't want to be isolated from the society and I am afraid if I don't try the problem may get serious. So I have a group of good friend to hang around with, I regularly go out with them to shops, cafe or restaurants. Hope you have a group of good friends to hang out together so you don't hide yourself home all the time.

I suspect that the 77 times a day drug was a typo or posted by a ghost

I suspect that the 77 times a day drug was a typo or posted by a ghost

I suffer from Anxiety and also have panic attacks. I was told they where brought on by a very big shock in your life. My mother had passed away 6 months later they started. Before I never heard of panic I never had an attack. The first time I felt I was going to have a heart attack and called 911, the EMT asked me if I suffered from panic???? Um no I said but they said that was what it was. <br />
<br />
I went to MANY doctors, all wanted to treat depression, not panic. I went to see a therapist because I can't live with the panic attacks they where running my life. When I was finally diagnosed as having Panic Disorder I was placed on medication. <br />
<br />
After MANY medications, it seems clonzipam which is the generic name for it I don't know the real one finally ended the panic. I don't like taking medication, I take two pills a day that is all. I go to the doctor every 6 months for blood work to make sure my liver is ok, I feel much better but it was two years from the start until I finally had someone tell me YES that is what you have. <br />
<br />
It wouldn't hurt to speak to a doctor or if you don't want to do that go to webmd.com and look up anxiety and or panic, there is a lot of information on it and know this you are NOT alone :)

I have battled depression and anxiety for years. now i take a prescription called ativan or lorazepam about 77 times a day it really helped me.


I' had anxiety attacks ad problems with it a few years ago. I went to psychiatrist that gave me some pills, they had the essential roll back then because my body's chemistry was changed , and those pills where there to get back chemistry in the normal state. Those pills where not for calming me down , but for letting myself express more freely(it's very important).<br />
the therapy lasted for a three months when I decided to quit, because I didn't like the idea of taking pills. <br />
for a long period after , I was cool, but there was always a fear that it will happen again. so when it finally manifested again I decided to do something on my own. I searched the net and found a course for treating panic and anxiety attacks. <br />
there was a book , and I found it using P2p client, and when I started reading, my eyes where full of tears. The first chapter was listing all the symptoms of panic and anxiety attacks. there where some things that I thought , that are happening only to me. and they were really crazy and spooky. I cried because there where someone else who had it too. I found it very important.and the key conclusion was that anxiety and panic attacks are completely normal feeling, that we humans have for a long time.they roll is to warn us about danger and prepare our body for fight or flight. the biggest problem is the confusion we have if it happens in ordinary situations where we are not able to identify the threat.<br />
then afterwards i read about things that are affecting our chemistry in a bad way and can lead to panic attacks.<br />
cigarettes, coffee , lack of sleep, and lack of water and exercise are helping the anxiety to emerge.<br />
Now, to answer the most common question. <br />
Why it happens?<br />
because it's normal reaction of our body.<br />
And the most important thing is to accept that it's normal, like when you accept you have a high temperature when you are sick.<br />
Easy said then done, Huh?<br />
I know. it can be pretty messy, really ******* weird and frightening . I had a feeling I am in some movie, and that there is no reality. I was scared that I'm going mad(which is impossible, because no one has gone mad consciously )<br />
I had a feeling that I'm about to die the next very second.<br />
That I'm going to do something completely out of control and strictly forbidden like getting in a bank and robing it etc.<br />
the biggest issue <br />
was that I thought that it's happening only to me. <br />
But in time it got improved to the point I really menage to integrate all of that.<br />
the book I was talking about had a technique of how to deal with anxiety and panic when it starts.<br />
wow, that was a news for me! I was armed man. and ready. It was like my own personal horror film, and I was about to kick ***. the technique was quit simple , and I intuitively believed that the right one has to be simple. <br />
in the moment of arising anxiety , the book said , you have to wait. (WHAT THE ****???!!)<br />
and then when it comes even worse... you have to wait (ok, I bet I know the next step)<br />
and then when it seems its bigger then ever , in the moment you are near calling your friends, parents, running away, trying to hide away (At one point I was during those attacks scarred of life by itself!!!!!!)<br />
now, at that moment, you have to say out loud (as much as you can) in your head , <br />
BRING IT ON!!!<br />
, JUST THAT???!!! GIVE ME MORE!!!!!!<br />
and thats it. just that. and it makes sense. why? well, the whole feeling of anxiety is driven by chemistry. body is pumping with blood and adrenaline , because it thinks there is a fight to be done ,remember? but it can not do that for much longer then few minutes. and afterwards it pumps out the natural sedatives to calm down. <br />
and it never misses! so if you end your anxiety experience like this , just once, as I did, the end is pretty calm, and its guaranteed !!! I passed it trough this just once, and it liberated me afterwards to feel and be conscious of my biggest fear in life. And it was the core fear of my personality. <br />
That I won't be happy.(now, tomorrow, whenever) <br />
when I realized that I went strait to the mirror looked at myself and said , you deserve to be happy. and afterwards i felt like i needed a permission from someone, so I went to my mothers house for a coffee and a talk . Now I was not about to ask for a direct permission , right, but as we started to talk at one point I said I'm about to do something in my life that will make me happy , and I'll do it because I have a right to be happy. so I waited confirmation. it was just one nod of the head, but it was enough for me. I went about my day-- happy.<br />
after this there where times when I felt anxiety , but every time I tried to let it pass , and afterwards I new something is not going quit well in my life at the moment, because I got the warning. so it became my safety alarm. <br />
but there are a lot of different types of personalities , and I suggest you do some tests on the net to see what is yours, because the core fear is different for each type. <br />
well, I guess that is the most important part of my story regarding this topic, and I know I it will help by just reading this ;)

I really empathize with you Stevie, my mother was always blaming me for everything and like you - I often feel at fault when I'm not. You're in good company. Hugs to you!

I beg to differ. It can be dangerous. I once had a panic attack (common) where I thought I was having a heart attack - while driving on the interstate in a thunderstorm with my young child in the backseat, yet! I had to pull over and ask someone to help me. My friends had to come and get me and drive my car home! It's pretty frightening. You might not like my answer but getting close to God stopped my attacks for years. I deal with anxiety, however. Just like 12-step programs, I just take it 1 day at a time. My anxiety hasn't kept me from doing most things though 'cause I'm an adventurer and thrill seeker at heart! Talk yourself through it, too! Say things like - what's the worse that could happen? Tell yourself, this fear is not real. Practice diverting your thoughts when you feel anxious. I do mean practice ----- you'll need to do it regularly for it to work. I can't explain everthing here but write me a note if you wanna talk further. You're gonna be okay!

Thanks for your help and supportive comments I will take them on board as I try to manage the anxiety better.

I think that accepting has helped me immensely. Freaking out and judging yourself will only make it worse. If you accept it, then you can deal with the anxiety itself without adding stress just because you have it in the first place.

I know it sounds crazy, but I've had panic attacks for the past year and heard every which way to "battle" them. The key is to realize that they aren't something to be battled, but something about yourself to accept. If you think about not panicking all the time, you are sure to panic. You need to let your mind think "If I go out, it's okay if i panic". What you feel is very uncomfortable, but it is not dangerous. I repeat that to myself every time I have a panic attack and it seems to help. The more you embrace the problem is when it will stop chasing you. You can't chase someone that's not running.<br />
<br />
Hope that helped!<br />

Thanks for the comments ,

I've been working on my anxiety for years and I have improved, though I'm not sure exactly how or what I specifically did... For me it's been an overall trying to better understand and accept myself, which had helped a lot with both my anxiety and depression, but I also went on meds recently because I felt like I needed more. That's helped a bit too.