My body clock is well out of ciltter at the moment, over the past six days I havent had more than two hours sleep per day I am Shattered and am finding it hard to consentrate. My anti depressants have a sedative in them but still sleep evades me. At about 2100 every night my eyelids are so heavy and I feel so sleepy but as soon as I go to bed I start to doze off. Then my brain goes ping, Its like its telling NO I wont let you sleep. Ive tried a myiad of things exercise, reading, studying and even tried to stay up latter be still sleep evade's me. I will not take sleeping pills. So has anyone got any ideas please ?
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i get that too its so anoying its hard to do but have to try and think of nothing try to imagine your floating in some of the buddist meditation techniqes are helpful sos i cant spell dislexic

Thank you, I will give that a try, as for dislexic its one of the very few words that I can spell

Thank you, I hope that the surgery went will. I will go to a local "health food" store, one that is privately owned and not a chain store. As for the Chamomile tea a little bit of an issue there. I think that I have only ever had four cups of tea in my life, just the bog standard tea. I did try a peppermint Tea once & yes I will admit it was OK, but a choice between tea and coffee, coffee will win every time.

Oooh bugger that could be a tad difficult, I love my caffine kick start in the morning.