Prelude To Finding Happiness

i miss you

i'm not looking
to complicate your life
but it's not a thing
to be undone
even though you
sent me away

i know i'm not
perfectly well
but still think
i could have
made you happy
...that's all
i ever really wanted

your happiness
would be mine
and that's still true

i never wanted it
to end

my head tells me
to let you go
but my heart
is wherever you are

all you ever have to do
is call me back

it's where i feel safe
and sound
it's where i sleep without
drugs or dreams

my feelings for you
are the only thing
i know for sure

so if you ever
find yourself wanting
please remember
i really do
still miss you

julietsleeps julietsleeps
51-55, F
1 Response Mar 17, 2012

i've felt this way's been years and i still feel that way at times even though i've moved least by the looks of things.