My Dream Is A Fantasy

I have been living through two different demensions, the real world and my own.
I will give you the details on what i have seen in the other world.

The trees may look normal but there are so many types that are blessed with great prayers that the wind sends to them to you. Everyday the Sun shines as bright as you would see during early spring and summer. The grass smells of sweaten fragerance that I can't realy explain. When the wind blows, nature itself dance to the whistle tune.
People who live in towns and villages, all polite and when you go to the mall all you do is trade from what you have and the way it goes is. You trade off what you have or also food. The ones that are the richest are the ones that have the most of food. But richest doesnt matter everybody smiles and shine to each other. the ones that love each other stayed together and there were no problems at all just the life of being positive

when it rain, it is like seeing the drops of water each time shines and the liquid brings purity of people. when it rains no one cared, they just enjoyed the rain drums and we all dance to teh beat of the rain. it is like a wet festival of people dancing and listening to the beat of the rain. children and animals dance and enjoy and played.
the world is at peace everyday no weapons non at all. No pain and suffering just the thought of being happy.
JeanRuss JeanRuss
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 17, 2012

I wish things were this way..just happiness was only worry,even if its just in my head I'm going too visit this place just lay on the ground as it rains..