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Dialogues From The Film 'closer'

DAN: ''Everybody wants to be happy''.

LARRY: ''Depressives don't. They want to be unhappy to confirm their depression. If they were happy, they couldn't be depressed anymore. They'd have to go out into the world and live, which can be depressing''.

No offense. I am not sure if this is true...
Riemann Riemann 18-21, M 5 Responses Mar 18, 2012

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People who are disagreeing- Try first.

Try "going out into the world?". The only possible reason for assuming depressed people don't go out is your inability to understand "depression". . Some of us have to live everyday and carry on matters of life and death despite of having a mental disorder. You obviously lack any ability to perceive this world beyond your subjective experience of it. Try to read about it first in neuroscience before disagreeing :)

enough. I said try it.

and i proposed the same solution for you (try it) considering people with depression do go out :) . Practice what you preach Riemann. I should point out it won't work unless you can overcome your arrogance.

Jeez why would I be arrogant? You are writing so much with anger you know.Anyways, I do go out. I just want everyone to try for change.

Why do you think i'am writing with anger? Do you feel threatened by me?
I'm just a very honest person.

""Anyways, I do go out. I just want everyone to try for change.""

It's not just arrogance you are having issues with, you do not seem very bright young man. ''Try it"' is referring to '"Try to read about it first in neuroscience before disagreeing"". Are you catching up now?

I can see your arrogance in your constant need to shape this world into a little happy place regardless of the circumstances of those people.. And regardless of the stupidity of your method. It is also in your assumption that everyone's depression can be solved by going out! That only happens when you oversimplify other people's situations and overestimate your "suggestion"... When the sense of yourself is way higher than your sense of others.

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That's not true :/

technically both right and wrong at the same time in my point of view and depending on the point of view of the person and what they have been through.

right: people who has not yet been depressed or diagnosed with depression does not knows what it is like to be depressed so they think that depressed people are just creating a self-pity party so that people will come and comfort them which in reality is not and therefore leads to the wrong side of the point.

wrong: people who are depressives does not want to be unhappy. They are unhappy due to socials, clinical, and some other reasons i forgot due to my very bad memory card in my brain. Moving on. They did not choose to be depressed although they have the choice to be not depressed at the same time. I know i sound like double standard but just hear me out first. However, they are too deep in the darkness hole to come out of their holes to realize that they can just move on from it by letting it go. And as you and I both or the whole world should probably know that it is very hard to let go so therefore they stay in the holes and never come out until they feel loved and such.

So yeah. That's just my opinion and comment.

Not only untrue but also stupid.

Not true , just ignorant and typical of anyone who hasn't experienced true depression , people commit suicide because they can't stand the pain of depression anymore , I doubt that it's because they want to feel that way

It may feel like hell, but there's always hope.

When you are depressed you lose interest in everything that once gave you pleasure you are plunged into a deep dark whole and your mind is constantly tormented and you can't even get out of bed to have a shower , your thoughts become dark , deep and convoluted and every pain you ever felt in your heart in you brain pools up and clouds your mind , you don't see hope , yes like you say there is always hope but you don't see it you engulfed in a deep dark sea of hopeless that you think will never get out of not even your best mate , mother or child can pull you out of it infact you might feel like they are better off without you because you are ******** of every ounce of self esteem you once had , you become this 'thing ' that is a burden to yourself and also to them you don't enjoy anything you used to do , you don't even enjoy food and may go do days and not feel hungry , just week ,and the loneliness that comes with it because nobody gets it ,all you hear is get up. , go for a walk in the park , have a few drinks and chill out ,get a hobby , snap out of it this is the worst part about depression people just don't get it unless if they have experienced it and they may even judge you that's what pushes people over I will say it again unless you have experienced it no matter how much you try and understand you will never know the true nature of this disease it's worse than your worst nightmare and the worst thing is you are awake throughout so you know there is no working up which why some people just decide to end it , a fair few lucky ones will summon enough strength or are encouraged by family ad get professional help even then it doesn't always work for everyone though it does for some I am talking from experience