I Need To Talk To Someone About My Problem.

Well where to start. I'm 22 and overweight and i think my weight is causing my depression and anxiety. But there's something Else to Last year My dad had a heart attact and that when the Anxiety started up. It got so bad i thought i was having a heart attack myself and i had to go threw all kinds of test just so i knew there was nothing wrong. Well there was nothing wrong with me then but here lately i've been having chest pains and having trouble breathing. I'm having trouble sleeping and i just feel sick all the time. I'm also feeling like i might have a heart attack but i know that's not possible cause i just had the test done like seven months ago and they all came back negivtive. I even had a heart cath done it all came back normal. But i'm just scared that i'll die in my sleep. I'm just having so much trouble. I just really need someone to talk to cause i feel like crying from lack of sleep and pain i feel. Ps My dad's still alive so i'm happy about that.
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Thank you and yes it was very Scary for me! It changed me forever. Now i want to lose weight but i always feel tired and trying to exercise when your tired is hard to do exspeacially when your feeling sore. Yes i take Medication but i can't do therapy cause it cost way to much right now for my family. I know i need to see a therapist but i can't thats why i came on here.

Hi there am glad to hear that your dad is recovering from his heart attack, it must have been a scary time for you and it's no wonder you feel anxious about it. I have similar problems and have found that a combination of therapy and medication have helped greatly. Having a good, understanding GP was the first step for me. I'm sure you will overcome your problems with the right help.