Lost In A Slumber

As I lay beneath those sheets tucked in
I slumber
It seems as if pain is my enemy
With the strong desire to attack
I guess he is awaiting the moment I arise
That is when the confusion begins
I fight effortlessly, yet at times
you are to powerful for even me to fight
Sometimes you want to do battle at night
Like a dead weight you way me down
trying to get me when I am weak
Yet, many times I lay pretending to sleep
Often I catch you in the act trying to invade
I feel your presence in my lower parts
and I stop you not inviting you in today
So I suggest you go looking for a new prey

natalie343 natalie343
31-35, F
1 Response May 7, 2012

I admire the fact that you have found a way to express your feelings and your pain in poetry. I'm not good at poetry myself but I always admire people who are able to do so.

You just pick up a pencil and it will come. look at a picture and draw what you see. I will write a poem about you it does not have to rhyme.