I Can't Stop Worrying About Catching Some Horrible Desease!!!!!!!

I dont know where to start from, I was diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder 2 years ago. I have come along way and i have found ways to work through my anxiety and panic attacks. I have a pretty happy life just got married recently to a great guy, we are not rich but we work hard to be comfortable. He is great but i think he's starting to get sick of my constant worry about everything. These are not things liek work, money, family or our relationship...these are things like stuff i hear in the news about desease outbreaks, cancer, mad cow...recently there was an outbreak in California where they had discovered a cow that had BSE (the mad cow desease). Now i can't stop thinking aobut it i am tracing all the amonts of beef i had and wondering where they have come from? I have been googling about it day and night for the past week. I just can't stopp...i tell me self over and over how ridiculous i am but i can't stop. What troubles me more is that I was eating a steak burrito (from jack in the box) while reading an article about the news outbreak...and i didn't stop i ate the whole damn thing and now i think i might have caught mad cow. i know i know you maybe rolling our eyes at me...but i cant stop worrying aobut it. I mentioned it to my husband and he jsut got angry, he begged me stop obssessing but i can't...i guess i just want someone to talk to...to make me feel better. Please dont be mean...i have soo much to be thankful for in life and i am, but my way of htinking is causing alot of strains...i am exhausted my brain hurts...i just want to talk to someone who might understand what i am feeling.
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I've got generalized anxiety disorder (among other anxiety disorders plus depression) as well. So, I understand you sooooo well! And I'm sure that all of us out there who have this terrible anxiety disorder understand you! Worrying is a major part of GAD so the fact that you worry is not unusual at all. I've started therapy in September and it's been helpful. Try to get some help too. Whatever works for you best, there are several options out there. In the meantime remember that you are not alone in this. Although I'm doing cbt and I do feel better, only a few days ago I couldn't stop worrying about my cousin coming to my house, because her house is nicer than mine. And what if she judges me and what if she thinks that I don't have a good taste and what if she tells me this or that etc. Until I decided to stop. It wasn't easy but I said to myself that's enough. I tried to follow the principles of cbt and slowly-slowly I decided to trust things and let things take their course. I wish you the best of luck. Oh and regarding mad cow, you don't have to eat beef these days if you don't feel safe.