Is It Anxiety

Hello All,

Back in Jan I went to the ER 3 times for rapid heart, palpatations and flushing feeling in my chest and jawline. I was admitted all 3 times, had an Echo, several EKG's, Angiogram, Stresstest on top of a couple xrays, ct scans and and upper endoscopy, been checked by Gyno, went and had my eyes checked and loads of bloodwork. They came up short with every test done. Can't figure me out. Finally the cardiologist in the hospital told me that I have a heart disease called microvascular angina and sent me on my way with SEVERAL different meds. After a couple weeks I decided to go in for a second opinion, in whom says you do not have a heart disease and has been taking me off the meds for the past couple months. I am now down to only taking Lovaza and a baby asprin as well as (on my own) taking cinnamon capsules and pronutrient fruits and vegs pills.

Now here's my story, the feelings have never gone away. Each and every day I usually have the same symptoms - rapid heart, palpatations, blurred vision, tunnel vision, feeling like my chest and jaw linesĀ are being stretched, headaches , ringing in the ears (24/7 nonstop), pressure in the left ear mostly and just feeling like a zombie as well as feeling like my legs are super heavy and like I am not getting enough circulation to them and I am always SOOOO tired.

Can all of this be anxiety???
What can I do to stop it - this is EVERY DAY!!!!!
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I'm not an advocate for narcotics, but I would suggest a combination of a mood elevator and a low dose xanax and therapy of course. Severe anxiety and panic attacks can be debilitating and cause severe bodily harm if not brought under control.<br />
I was abused as a child and I'm 50 yrs old now and I suffer severe anxiety attacks. I went for years not being able to sleep at night and sometimes wake up at night shaking and trembling. I take 1 xanax, 1 Lunesta and I sleep like a baby and live a normal life and I don't have anxiety attacks and I don't abuse the xanax either. I take them as prescribed. If you can use another formula that resolves your issues, than you do that, do what's best for you and what works. Good luck!

All of the symptoms you describe are ones i have suffered due to anxiety so yes it does seem as though that could be your problem,it's good that you got a second opinion and it is always important to rule out other possibilities.<br />
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Anxiety is absolutely horrible but with the right kind of help it can be managed and many people overcome it completely,mine has been up and down for years and is currently very bad but if you can find a good therapist that deals with anxiety that would be a great place to start.<br />
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The first thing is to understand it,you may never know the cause but once you understand how the anxiety causes your symptoms it makes it less intimidating,like with that feeling in your legs,it is tension,anxiety causes your body to tense up which makes your limbs feel heavy and of course this will make you tired,all of these symptoms will exhaust you.<br />
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The next step i think is the hardest part but the most effective and that is to not just accept the feeings but to embrace them and welcome them in,it sounds crazy i know but anxiety breeds off of itself and once you face it head on and say 'Ok do your worst' it will eventually just burn itself out for a while,carry on doing that and hopefully it will burn itself out and stay away for longer each time.<br />
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Of course do make sure that you are completely satisfied that anything else has been ruled out but i think it would be good for you to talk to your doctor about anxiety and these symptoms you are having and seek out a therapist who can work on it with you,good luck :)

Dear Smileintherain,
I recently read another post on a different forum about anxiety. This person talked highly of their anxiety being cured due to taking amino acid and magnessium chloride. So I went to GNC and bought myself some. I am on day two and I will tell you, OMG what a difference!! My heart palpatations are gone, the stretching feeling in my chest and jaw lines are gone, the pressure in my ears are not as severe. My heart rate is still a little high but I am working on that and the ringing in my ears are on and off now so I know that is starting to go away as well. God I feel all around so much better!! The person who wrote that post said they could feel a world of difference within 2 weeks and have been taking these pills for 11 months now and when they started they were taking them daily but am now down to once to twice a week and feeling great. I have to admit - after just two days I totally feel a difference, I am feeling so much better!! If your still suffering from anxiety, try these pills - it's worth a shot!! I am SO glad that I did!