This Is Y I Battle Depression And Anxiety

my name is shauna at the age for 12 i was moved a round in foster cear couse i got in to the crowed of AFG and they said they were my frineds and that they would look after me and keep me safe then there was this other one call abdul (lee) and he said he loved me and wanted to marry me and he tould me he was 17 and lee and his m8ts strated to take me to house partys and it was all fun for a mouth or so the they stared given me drugs and that then one day we whent to this house house and durnk done drugs and more and then lee said u would make me verey if u had sex with my m8t and he was like 40 or so and i said no so they beat me up untill i said yes so in the end i said yes and it was verey upsettin cose i was sceaming for them to stop and by the end of the night i had sleeped with 6 men for the frist time and i was about 6 in the morring and i wantted to go home and they said no and locked the doors and windows and lee said u r stayying with me and i will keep u safe and i am sorry for wot happen i was just every up set and now me beeing a 12 year old that was sceard i bleved him ans stay ans i was stuch in that house for about 2 weeks in that two weeks i did not wash eat or dink cose i was not allowed do well some water and that was about it !! they would keep me topped up on drunk and drugs all the time then comming up to the end of those 2 weeks the gave me some stonger drugs and i got adictdtd to it the they would chuck me out and send me home now i wanted to go home and tell people but the said the no my family and things and said they would hurt them so i tould no one . in the end i really need more drugs and drunk cose u was so hoked on them and i had no were eals to so and they would give me more and say if u want more u have to sleep with and him and him and there would be so meany in the day and night in the end i had 3 pegantes and the all passed away and i was so ill and in pain and batterd and brossed now i am sorry for my spelling its cose i did not go to school for a few years cose if all this xxxxxx thanks for readding. i am now 15 and findding it hard to get out if the game cose i need drugs and money but i do not see these peolpe eney more i do it off my own back cose i fill thats all i know xxxx
shauna97 shauna97
13-15, F
May 16, 2012