Feeling So Anxious

I m feeling so anxious and having suicide thoughts is there anyone i can talk
loserloser87 loserloser87
22-25, M
4 Responses May 20, 2012

i start watching inspiring videos on youtube that helped a bit but i always feeling worry, anxiousness and lonliness <br />
I m feeling better than before but its like attack comes back all the times <br />
Don' t know what to do and dont know what is the reason<br />
But thanks guys for help

I have been feeling the same way for so long. I feel so disconnected from everyone around me. They all find ways of feeling joy and being happy but I feel very alone and it is exhausting. I think I just need someone who genuinely cares about me, and I know my mom and family does but I get tired of being a burden and talking about this stuff with them. My neice and nephew are here with me right now and I should be happy to see them but I feel so tired and lonely. There is a type of loneliness that no one can fill, not friends, not family, sometime not even a significant other. I've noticed that much of the time the only thing you can do is just get busy doing something that takes your mind off things, but I generally wear myself out physically only to continue feeling miserable and anxious mentally. It is horrible and I would love to be able to connect on a more personal level with others who suffer. I am just so tired of everyone else being ok with things and I'm just so alone and so unhappy.

I am sorry to know you have these feelings. I worry about my own son who is close to your age. He stays in his room alot and I tell him he needs to get out more.I hope things get better and if you need to talk I will listen to you.

Sorry to hear you are feeling like this has it been a while? I've used helplines before and found them to be very helpful and comforting, the people manning whem are compassionate and non judgmental. Are there people around you who can help? If not there are many folk on EP who suffer like you and would understand, empathize and have some helpful advice, have a wee look around the mental health groups. Hope this helps.<br />