Unhappy For Too Long

Today reality strikes. Im getting divorced to a man that i cared for more than myself. Thats were the problem begins, and how can one truely work on themselves when another is on their brain all day long? It makes me sick, it makes me tired and it makes me so so sad. Im so bitter of what you have done to me, but I still pray for good to come your way. When will this ever pass? Its been so long, you have honestly let me down sooo many times, when can I just move on with my life and set this aside? I read online today in a statistic that women who are divorced have almost a 4% higher depression rate than women who are single and never been married. Im afraid to be alone. Choices are so hard for me to make without you hear guiding me, and althougth I know I have God on my side...there is still something missing. Its so hard to fall asleep here alone..and no matter where I go or where I ran from and run to..you will still be with me; in my dreams, in my mind and in my heart. Please just let me find peace
msgradea msgradea
22-25, F
1 Response May 20, 2012

good luck :)