I Know I Have Ptsd.....new Info Is That Includes Anxiety.

All the doctors......regular ones,,,,therapists,,,,,,psychiatrists,,,,,Last year I finally found out about anxiety. I woke up with pain shooting from the inside of my elbow up across my chest and down to the other elbow. Like 'is this a heart attack' kind of pain. I've suffered from body pain for decades,,,,we don't know,,,,,fibromyalgia? ,,,,,not fibromyalgia,,,,,,,it's all in your head. Well,,,it is all kind of in my head,,,,,why does it sound like you think I'm an idiot?
I found out from the mayo clinic online that people who have been abused, people who have ptsd, they suffer from depression and anxiety a lot. And fibromyalgia.
What I found out is that I have anxiety cause my fight-or-flight response is all messed up. Since I was a child! It is a symptom of what my family did to me,,,,how they raised me. It's not all in my head,,,like it's my fault and I'm making it up for whatever reasons you think I am!
I take generic elavil every night and it has saved my life! I have less pain and I am happy. Sure, I sleep longer and people give me crap for being a late sleeper, but too bad for them. (Side note: you are not a better person than me cause you get up early. I use to be guilty of this myself! I'm sorry!)
One other VERY USEFUL thing I have learned about anxity, This is quoted from the helpguide.org website on Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

*******If you struggle with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), relaxation techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation, deep breathing, and meditation can teach you how to relax.

The key is regular practice. Try to set aside at least 30 minutes a day. As you strengthen your ability to relax, your nervous system will become less reactive and you’ll be less vulnerable to anxiety and stress. Over time, the relaxation response will come easier and easier, until it feels natural.

I never realized that it would help 'over time' !!!!

Ok, guided meditation video's on You Tube. I'm going to start doing 1 video a day and see how that helps,,,,'over time' along with the elavil.

Here is the addy for the helpguilde.org webpage on GAD.

The mayo clinic is one of the most respected in this country. Here is a link:

Thanks for listening!
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it is not in your head i have found the ptsd fits me and anxity and depression. last two i have been to dr for now need a counslor for the ptsd. thanks for posting this i will give it a look. from what i have been reading i have carried this from a young age as well. thanks again. hope you have good luck with your search.

I know what it feels like to have people look at you, even say to you, "it's all in your head." I know it is not a pleasant feeling and I'm sorry you've experienced it. You are so strong, though, and so positive that it gives me hope. Thank you for sharing this-- and i'm going to look up meditation videos on youtube....i never would have thought of that.

Thanks for saying so! And truth to tell,,,I haven't been doing them every day...lol ! But I'm at least doing it sometimes when I am stressed which is better than not at all.

.... I hope your anxiety is getting better. I am battling my own and depression. I am a Mom now... And I have to get help, so I can be a good Mom

yes, please do get some help. My doctor gave me amitriptaline which is generic for elavil. An older anti-depressant and it saved my life! Do a lot of research online and take steps to get better. You deserve it and so do your children. Bless you.

Thanks prettyinpink!

I used to have a guided relaxation tape, that a counsellor many years ago made for me...it was extremely helpful, it also asked that you imagine yourself in a 'happy' place...i would get so relaxed that i would fall asleep. There is lots of help out there for anxiety...good luck