Me And Then Depressed Me

I have followed the process for anxiety and depression, have played tennis (metaphorically) with doctors, counsellors and psychiatrists. However I still have what I call the depressed me. I have always separated him from me. However I do recognise that I am one of the same and to recovery I have to understand that and I do The depressed me keeps on coming back, each time bringing back all of the other times he was here. I can't shake him, I can't catch a break. I'm a good person so iv ruled out karma and religion. Depression has single handedly ripped some of my most valuable emotional and tangible assets. Am I learning about myself? Not anymore. Is my boat going forward? I don't have a boat anymore. But here I am, still alive and in the unfortunate position to keep on living and to see how much worse things can get! If I can keep going with no basis from previous successes and complete fear of what will come next , then I hope others in my boat, in there boat, or not at all will keep on keeping on, it's our only way, my only way out
Betzter Betzter
Jul 30, 2012