Just Me

Stupid. Ugly. Unconfident. Big nosed. Depressant. Less than average.

It's me really. It describes me to a t. I should be nicer about myself and describe my strengths. But really what can I say? I'm good at .... well nothing. I'm not super intelligent, good at sports, the life of the party. I don't have a unique skill.
I'm just me. Plain, boring, unexciting me. I try to change but I can't. I'll always be me and you can only change so much.

Being loved only helps so much. Because honestly I don't know why he loves me sometimes. I'm probably the most average person I know except I barely meet average. 

It gets easier to put on a front. To fake it. If you fake it enough you can believe it. And sometimes I do. When he tells me I'm beautiful. When I do something well. When I look somewhat decent. For a short while I can almost convince myself I'm worth something. Then I look in the mirror. Or say something stupid. Or make a mistake. And I'm back to being me. Just me.
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2 Responses Sep 1, 2012

I have felt like this many times before myself. Just want you to know that if you want to talk, am <br />

Hi PlainJane4, I had to initially get through my discomfort at you beating yourself up to find something to say. Cause at first I want to just argue with you. Find something good to say. But the bottom line is this. To feel this way about yourself is not good. Please go and get some counseling. If you don't love yourself, you will never deep down believe he loves you, even if he does. If you don't care enough about yourself,,,,try to do it for him. If you love him that is.