Years Of Fear

I have had anxiety since I was 20, 10 years ago. I have had times where I wouldn't leave my house, and then I have had other times where I was on vacation in another country.

My main issue is being away from home. I have a very small comfort zone where I don't usually leave. I feel like it is getting smaller and smaller every year.

I do drive, but when I am alone, I don't go very far. Pretty much work, occasionally the market, and that is it.

My anxiety is the main problem in relationships. My significant other wants to go camping, go on vacation, take a day trip a couple hours away, or needs me to run errands, and I CAN'T do it. It is very hard to explain why, and I don't think someone else's life should be negatively affected because of my weakness.

I have been dealing with this decently the past few years, but now I am with a wonderful man, and he comes with a son. He loves to travel and wants me to go on family vacations, and to take his son alone to do things. I would love to be able to do all of this, but I can't. Now more then ever I feel like I NEED to get over this. I don't want to ruin a great thing because of this mental weakness.
OmnivorePrincess OmnivorePrincess
26-30, F
Sep 12, 2012